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OH NOES!  The Archfiend has his own website!  Yes, it's true.  After many requests to do so, I, The Archfiend have ventured into the nether realm of teh Internets and created my own website.  I invested a whole 3 hours into crafting this epic website and man does this shiznit kick ass!   

My email: TheAwesomeArchfiend@yahoo.com
 My Twitter: TheArchfiend
All future live shows will be broadcast on my Justin.TV account seen below: 
 WhatTheBuck and Archfiend have a little "chat": CLICK HERE

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See screencaps of, comments and messages given to Archfiend from; Shane Dawson, iJustine (iWhore), iJustine's more worthless sister, Jenna, fanboy  threats, fanboy idiocy, fanboy virginity, and much MUCH more!


Webmaster contact: TheAwesomeArchfiend@Yahoo.com




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James Rolfe and Mike Matei used to like me?  Check out the proof!

WhatTheBuck and Archfiend have a little "chat"

What is your Favorite PlayStation 3 Game?

Proof that The Irate Gamer is actually LadyBuggin777.  Look and see.

NEW!!  Submit your own photos to my website

New Video Added: Archfiend's Video Collection

Added Arch's Fans IRL Page Three

Smosh Caught In A Lie

New Photo Section: YouTube Screencap Crap

Death Threat From a Shane Dawson Fangirl

Updated Fanmail Section

Shane Dawson Fans: They Mad

Added new website exclusive video:  Clock Pills

**URGENT** Please Help A Nigerian Astronaut Get Home

Get tested:  The Love Calculator

Mel Gibson.  He's a nice guy

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